XAUAT and OshTU Hold Opening Ceremony of China-Kyrgyzstan Joint Teaching Workshop of Belt and Road Joint Laboratory
Date:May 6, 2024  Author:Office of International Affairs

The opening ceremony of the China-Kyrgyzstan Joint Teaching Workshop of Belt and Road Joint Laboratory was held by Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology (XAUAT) and Osh Technological University (OshTU) at the OshTU’s meeting room on April 23, 2024.

OshTU participants included Kalysbek Koshmamat uulu, Suiorkul Kyzy Bermet, Dzhusuev Umetali, Tazhidinov Islam, Mamytov Akparali, Abdullaev Ulan, Toktobekov Samarbek. XAUAT participants included Professor Li Yueyan, Professor Song Hui, An Li, and Chen Yalan from the College of Architecture, and Liao Yang, and Wang Xiaoli from Xi’an Huaqing Science & Education Industry Group. Student representatives from both universities were also present.

About the Lab

Since being listed as a provincial laboratory in December 2023 as a key achievement of SRIAATU cooperation, Shaanxi Belt and Road Joint Laboratory on Green Building has established collaboration with OshTU and several other SRIAATU members on education and research in the discipline of Architecture.

About the Course

The workshop is based on the module of “urban renewal” in XAUAT’s STUDIO course for fourth-year undergraduates majoring in Architecture, and on the course of “Architecture Surveying and Mapping” offered by XAUAT’s Institute of History of Architecture.

The module of “urban renewal” focuses on the protection, renewal and reuse of existing urban buildings from the perspective of urban development. It aims to have a comprehensive understanding of urban development and changes, as well as information on relevant policies, industries, society, ethnicities and beliefs, so as to provide feasible strategies for urban design.

The course of “Architecture Surveying and Mapping” is offered to undergraduate and graduate students under the theme of history and theories of architecture. It aims to train students in basic skills of surveying and mapping, and help them gain an in-depth involvement in and awareness of architectural heritages, so as to promote traditional culture and appreciate architectural phenomena in cultural integration.

Participants of the workshop include four Chinese teachers and 17 Chinese students, among whom four teachers and 12 students arrived in Kyrgyzstan. Eight Kyrgyz teachers and 12 Kyrgyz students joined the workshop.

About the Topics

The workshop adopts joint teaching between the Chinese and Kyrgyz sides, with both online and offline events such as mutual visits and exchanges. The aim is to introduce social investigation, surveying and mapping to the teaching of architectural design, and focus on topics such as urban renewal and heritage protection. Collaboration is to be achieved through interactions and practices in joint teaching and research.

Chinese participants’ visit to Kyrgyzstan

Workshop participants in their exchanges

Workshop participants in their surveys

The workshop enjoyed a smooth opening, during which XAUAT representatives briefed the Kyrgyz side on the history of XAUAT, its key majors and policies on international students. OshTU has attached great importance to this event, arranging local teachers and students to join each of the surveying teams.

As one of the cooperation platforms of SRIAATU, China-Kyrgyzstan Joint Teaching Workshop has enhanced XAUAT’s practical exchanges with SRIAATU member. It has played a positive role in expanding the international horizons of XAUAT’s teachers and students, boosting its international cooperation, improving its global reputation and deepening its educational reform.