SRIAATU Action Plan (draft)

     Adhering to the Silk Road spirit of “peaceful cooperation, openness and inclusiveness, mutual learning and mutual benefit”, SRIAATU follows the philosophy of “development first, universal inclusiveness and innovation-driven growth”. Based on extensive consultations among all member institutions of the “Silk Road International Alliance of Architectural and Technological Universities” (SRIAATU), an action plan has been formulated as follows:

     I. Strengthen inter-university exchanges and jointly promote the development of the Alliance
Support member institutions to carry out extensive college-level and inter-disciplinary exchanges;
Encourage the establishment of sub-alliances based on discipline and industry;
Continuously strengthen substantive cooperation among members to form regular international exchange and cooperation mechanism in an organized and multi-level manner;
Effectively enhance the global influence of SRIAATU for a greater contribution to the world.
     II. Carry out joint talent training and share educational resources
1. Expand international student population among SRIAATU members.
Create a larger international student population in member institutions by various scholarship programs;
Encourage member institutions to sign student training agreements with one another and carry out student exchanges, study visits and other activities;
Establish mechanisms such as joint courses, mutual recognition of credits, mutual awarding of degrees, and dual-supervision training among member institutions;

2. Expand international cooperation in running schools.
Based on existing connections, SRIAATU members are encouraged to create more internationally-run programs in universities, research institutes and enterprises, building a high-quality and diversified international education resource system.

     Ⅲ. Strengthen scientific research cooperation and build a new height of architectural and technological development
1. Organize Silk Road international exchange brand events for architecture and technology.
Activities such as the Silk Road International Conference on Architecture and Technology, SRIAATU Presidents' Forum and the Young Scholar Salon are held to forge brand events with extensive visibility.

2. Support exchange and visits of scholars.
Invite scholars of member institutions to teach and give lectures at each other’s universities;
Establish a high-quality mechanism on sharing educational resources, and make faculty teams more international.

3. Focus on cooperative research in key areas.
Encourage member institutions to jointly apply for international science and technology cooperation bases, intergovernmental cooperation projects, and joint laboratories;
Promote high-quality development of international platforms;
     Ⅳ. Increase cultural exchanges and deepen friendship between people from different countries
1. Expand multi-channel communication platform.
Member institutions have access to platforms including official websites and social media accounts of SRIAATU and member institution for communication and information sharing according to their needs and intentions.

2. Carry out various activities for people-to-people exchanges.
Encourage faculties and students of member institutions to actively participate in the "Chinese Bridge" online/offline camps;
Enhance exchanges between member institutions by jointly organizing various activities such as SRIAATU International Month, cultural and art festivals, and design exhibitions.
     Ⅴ. Discuss policies and regulations for mutual learning
Encourage member institutions to carry out collaborative research on architectural and technological policies;
Provide decision-making suggestions for the urbanization construction of countries along the Silk Road.