XAUAT Laboratory Listed as Provincial Belt and Road Joint Laboratory
Date:Dec 20, 2023  Author:Office of International Affairs

Shaanxi Belt and Road Joint Laboratory on Green Building of Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology (XAUAT) has been recognized as a provincial laboratory by Shaanxi Department of Science and Technology, according to the authority’s recent notice on this year’s list. A feasibility report on the laboratory was approved by the Department of Science and Technology in October. Earlier this month, it was unveiled and launched at the 2023 Silk Road International Conference on Cooperation and Integration of Industry, Education, Research and Application. As a new breakthrough for XAUAT in establishing international platforms of scientific research, it is a landmark achievement of international scientific and technological cooperation between XAUAT and other members of the SRIAATU.

The laboratory is built on the basis of the State Key Laboratory of Green Building, with XAUAT’s Professor Liu Jiaping, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, as its director. It gathers scholars in fields of architecture and environment from three SRIAATU members, i.e., Russia’s Moscow State University of Civil Engineering, Uzbekistan’s Samarkand State University and Kyrgyzstan’s Osh Technological University. It also incorporates experts from Shaanxi’s Top International Engineering Corporation, Xinjiang Architectural Design Institute, SCEGC Scientific Research Institute and LONGi Green Energy Technology Co. Ltd.

Over the years, XAUAT has witnessed notable results in its in-depth exchanges and cooperation with architecture universities from countries along the “Belt and Road” under the framework of the SRIAATU. With the lab being listed as a province-level one, it bears great significance for XAUAT to get further integrated into the “Belt and Road” Initiative and build itself into a new international powerhouse in architecture and technology. XAUAT stands ready to give the lab full play in deepening scientific and educational cooperation with architecture universities and institutes from countries and regions along the “Belt and Road” and expanding the international influence of the SRIAATU, so as to promote XAUAT’s international cooperation in an overall manner. Being a crucial part of Shaanxi’s system of scientific and technological innovation, the project of Shaanxi Belt and Road Joint Laboratory serves as an important platform for the province’s opening-up and external cooperation, and prepares potential laboratories for being recognized as national ones in the future. 

The project aims at pooling international resources in science and technology, and building international innovation platforms featuring advanced technologies, leading talents and a demonstration effect.