XAUAT School of Environmental and Municipal Engineering Holds Online Academic Exchange with Malaysia’s Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS
Date:Dec 18, 2023  Author:Office of International Affairs

School of Environmental and Municipal Engineering (SEME) of Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology (XAUAT) held an online academic exchange with Malaysia’s Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP) on December 15.

UTP participants included Professor Tang Tong Boon, who chaired the event, Professor Shahrina, Professor Syamsu, Professor Syamsul, Dr. Teh and Dr. Raza. XAUAT participants included Professor Li Zhihua, Vice Dean of SEME, as well as Associate Professor Tang Huan, Associate Professor Zhang Hui, Lecturer Yang Yuan and Lecturer He Miaolu. Relevant staff from the two universities were also present.

Professor Tang Tong Boon and Professor Li Zhihua introduced their respective participants to others. A promotion video of the SRIAATU made by XAUAT Office of International Affairs was played, highlighting the concept, purpose, significance and future plans of the alliance.

Tang Tong Boon spoke highly of XAUAT’s initiative of establishing the SRIAATU. He briefed the participants on UTP’s vision, organization, international exchanges and others, hoping for a further strengthening of bilateral academic exchanges and project cooperation between their teachers and students.

Ten scholars from the two sides made presentations and had a warm discussion on topics such as water treatment engineering, current water pollution, wastewater treatment, risk management and control of drainage network, resource recycling and construction of self-sustainable buildings.

The participants also looked into the prospects of related fields, and discussed potential visits between their students, bilateral academic exchanges and cooperation in scientific research. They agreed to take this event as an opportunity to continue promoting multi-field and in-depth exchanges and cooperation for a new outlook in their development.

Established in 1997, UTP now has four faculties and six research centers, with such majors as Civil & Environmental Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computer & Information Sciences, Management & Humanities. It ranks the 361st in the QS World University Rankings in 2023, with its Civil & Environmental Engineering ranking between 151 and 200.