XAUAT School of Civil Engineering Holds Online Exchange with SPbPU Institute of Civil Engineering
Date:Nov 30, 2023  Author:Office of International Affairs

Both being members of the SRIAATU launched by Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology (XAUAT), XAUAT and Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University (SPbPU) held an online exchange on November 20 between XAUAT School of Civil Engineering and SPbPU Institute of Civil Engineering to discuss potential cooperation in the discipline of civil engineering. Associate Professor Mikhail Romanov, Vice Dean of SPbPU Institute of Civil Engineering, was present at the event with Professor Vladimir Badenko, Associate Professor Marina Romanovich, Associate Professor Marina Petrochenko, and Associate Professor Mariya Andrianova. Professor Wang Junbao, Assistant Dean of XAUAT School of Civil Engineering, chaired the event, with the participation of Professor Wang Ru from the Office of Intelligent Construction, Associate Professor Tian Wei, vice head of the Office of Intelligent Construction, Associate Professor Li Xiaowei, vice head of the Office of Transportation Engineering, Yao Yan from the Office of Talent Training, and Associate Professor Li Wei from the Office of Water and Wastewater Engineering of the School of Environmental and Municipal Engineering.

Wang Junbao briefed the Russian participants on the teaching staff, majors, and research areas of his school, and invited SPbPU staff and students for exchanges and visits. Mikhail Romanov thanked the School of Civil Engineering for holding the online exchange and briefed the Chinese participants on the history, research fields, and academic exchanges of his institute. He invited XAUAT staff and students for visits and exchanges.

At the session of academic exchange, eight teachers from the two sides shared their research progress and early achievements in their presentations. Afterward, they discussed hot research fields in the international academic community and possible cooperation.

With this online academic exchange, XAUAT and SPbPU have deepened their understanding of each other in the field of civil engineering, which lays a foundation for future in-depth cooperation.